Weddings should be scheduled with the pastor at least six months before the proposed wedding date, although exceptions can be made in certain cases. If both parties are Catholic and have never been married before, the process is fairly easy and requires little documentation. If not, somewhat more documentation will be required. In either case, the pastor will explain the steps toward your wedding day and will help you with them.

A Catholic wedding is both a religious ceremony and a civil event. You will need to obtain a civil marriage license before the ceremony, and you should check the civil requirements for such a license in sufficient time before your wedding date.

Weddings may be either Nuptial Masses or simple ceremonies (without Mass). The former lasts about fifty and the latter about a half hour. When two Catholics are being married, a Nuptial Mass, at which both spouses can receive the Eucharist together, is recommended.

Although weekend are the usual time for wedding, they may occur at any time during the week that is convenient for both the wedding party and the pastor.

If a rehearsal seems necessary, it should be scheduled well in advance of the wedding itself. Only those who have some role in the wedding ceremony should be present at the rehearsal.

Weddings are traditionally accompanied by music, and St. Joseph’s offers both organ music on its historic instrument and a singer. The pastor can put you in contact with both the organist and the singer when you discuss your wedding with him. If you wish to have music that is not supplied directly by the church (for example, a string quartet, or a singer of your choice), this must be approved by the organist, who is also the Director of Music.

Should plan on having a wedding at St. Joseph’s, you should be aware that the scattering of flower petals, rice or anything else in the church or on the sidewalk in front of the church is not allowed for safety reason. Photographers and videographers are most welcome, but they must not interrupt the ceremony or enter the altar area. If you wish to have flowers, you may either leave them at the church after the ceremony or take them with you.

Schedule of Wedding Fees


$800 for non-parishioners

$500 for contributing members of the parish who registered as parishioners at least six months before scheduling their wedding

Organist $300

Singer $200

Printed Program (optional) $75

If you use another organist than St. Joseph’s, it is customary to pay the church’s organist a “bench fee,” which amounts to the full organist fee.
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